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Safety Protocols

Berlin Youth Lacrosse

Field Information and COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Spring 2021


Entrance/Exit to fields:

  • Sage Front (grass) First field on right as you enter Sage Park, park at field on grass

  • Sage 2 Softball (grass) Back softball field, entrance near rear of parking lot north east corner, field is behind Sage 1 Softball field, parking in main Sage Park parking lot

  • Sage Auxiliary (grass): Top field next to Scalise Turf, parking in main Sage Park parking lot

  • Scalise (Turf) Turf field, parking in main Sage Park parking lot


Drop-Off and Pick up:

  • Be prepared to “arrive, play, and leave”.  Congregating among players and parents, before and after events is not allowed.

  • Players should arrive “dressed and ready”.

  • Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes prior to the start of events.

  • Players will enter and exit fields at designated areas only.

  • A facial covering is mandatory for all players before and after the practice/game

  • All are to maintain six feet of social distancing as they arrive and leave.


Physical contact, Health, and Hygiene:

  • If an individual feels unwell or develops any symptoms of COVID-19 during an activity, they must be picked up immediately.  

  • Facial coverings are mandatory for all players, before and after events All should practice proper hand hygiene, washing with soap and water, or sanitizing with an alcohol-based sanitizer before and after events.

  • Players are responsible for bringing their own face covering, hand towel, hand sanitizer, equipment, and drinks.  Sharing of any items is not allowed.


Competition- Spectators are welcomed for competition in Berlin under the following conditions: 

  • Limit the number of fans if possible 

  • Spectators must maintain six feet of social distancing from other groups

  • Please wear face covering when near other spectators 



  • A player will wear a mask to and from practices 

  • Coaches will record attendance.

  • Players are to report to the designated coach and area on the field for all practices

  • Coaches will enforce social distancing whenever possible, especially during water breaks 

  • No spectators allowed on the playing field.


If a player or family member has COVID or has been deemed close contact to a positive COVID-19 case, please notify your coach.  Your communication is vital to our program in order to operate safely

by posted 03/31/2021
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