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Founding Fathers Day


"Lacrosse has always been a sport that brings friends and families together. Whether it is players constantly moving and working harmoniously to complete a specific task, or a group of parents providing healthy snacks and words of encouragement on the sidelines. Berlin Youth Lacrosse has always prided itself on the dedication of its players, parents, and coaching staff. The annual Founding Fathers game is a tradition that started in 2003 when Coach Rossi wanted to reward players and parents with a very special day designed to give everyone a chance to pick up a lacrosse stick and play a sport they had all grown to love. Every year, the Berlin Youth Lacrosse season ends with Founding Fathers games for all levels. Parents, players, and coaches all get on the field and get in the game! In years past, the all-day event has been held at Scalise Field. The day has included activities/contests for all ages, food and drink, apparel for purchase, and, of course plenty of lacrosse action! "

- Scott Rossi